What to expect when you hire J3 Timing to time your race

Expect great customer service and quick communication whenever you have a question leading up and during your race.

-Online Registration: We will setup and manage your online registration for you.  If you already have your online registration setup you are ahead of the game and you will need to add us as the "timer" to your online registration.  This will allow us to assign bib numbers and check for any issues with your data (missing age, gender not listed, etc.) before race day.  

-Bibs & Timing Chips: We provide the race bib that runners wear.  We use RFID timing chips that stick to the back of the race bib.  These timing chips as disposible and we don't need them back.  Runners should wear their race bib on their front torso at chest height.  Race directors will need to provide the safety pins for runners to attach their bibs to their shirts.  If you are using our basic package everything is the same except their is not a timing chip on the bib.  We will mail you the race bibs the week of the race so you will have them before the big race day. 

-Results:  We will email you a link the week prior to your race that will have the results url attached.  We put all of our races on itsyourrace.com and we recommend race directors use itsyourrace.com for their online registration.  This allows us to stream results live during the race.  As long as we have a solid WIFI connection with our verizon WIFI jetpacks we are able to stream the results live.  This allows runners and race directors to view the results instantly during the race.  Just simply pull up our website on your smartphone and click on the results and you can refresh and see the results during the race!!! During the race we will print results in age group format for you for the awards ceremony.  We can also print the results in overall format if you like.  At the completion of the race we will also send you the results via email in a .pdf format.  

-Race Day: Our usual arrival time on race day is 2-3 hours before the start of the race.  Our setup doesn't take long; however, we like to be completely setup with 1.5 hours before the race will begin.  This allows us time to connect with the race director and review any questions that they might have about the timing or anything else they want to know.  This also will allow us plenty of time to manually enter any runners information that sign up on race day.  If you have power connections for us to plug into we would greatly appreciate it.  Let us know ahead of time if you don't have power onsite then we will have to bring our generator or vehicle power converters.   

-Our Setup:  All of our packages include a finish line arch that is 10 feet wide (we can go up to 50 feet and steel truss with upgrade), we have a 50 foot finisher chute, LED race clock, a table, computers, printer, and a camera for finisher photos. 

-Finisher Photos:  With our timing technology we snap thousands of photos during the race and then we attach them to the runners results later that day.  So, if you run a J3 Timing race you will expect to see photos of your finish as you cross the finish line when you go online to view your results.  Please see photo to the right.

We provide all runners with a free low resolution photo that they can share on 

their Facebook pages.  If runners would like they can have the high resolution 

photos if they purchase the photos.  This is a great value add to your race for 

runners.  We also have the capability to include sponsors on the photos.  

-Upgrades:  If you select our comprehensive or elite packages you can upgrade

your timing services to include a results kiosk for runners, HDTVs that have 

scrolling results, steel truss, and 15 foot finish line. 

the Midwest timing leader

J3 Timing has been a leader in timing in the Midwest for almost a decade.  We are the largest timing companies in the country.   We time over 60,000 runners annually and being at 250 races a year we have the experience and knowledge to best serve you and your race! 

We believe in providing the best race experience for runners and creating a great finish line atmosphere for race directors.  

What separates us from our competitors is that we are dedicated to providing you with the best customer service and innovation in the world.  

-Finisher pictures as runners cross the finish line integrated into timing software

​-Results emailed to runners

-Online registration platform

-Results kiosk that prints runners stats of race

-Custom reports printed at race

-Runner printable certificate of race completion